How do we say BINGO

The first sight and understanding of this question clearly gives us the answer right away.  And for the betterment of our discussion which will just dwell on answering the same, why don’t we add a little perk to give it a little flavor than the usual, can we?  Perhaps a brief background or sneak into its history just to start the ball rolling.

We all have at least knowledge of what Bingo is right?  It is that card game that we often see being played mostly by older people.  It is that game that is being held on shopping malls, markets, and some amusement parks.  Players of the game use bingo cards.  A bingo card consists of numbers where in the “caller” draws out specific numbers. A mark or a “dab” is made on the player’s card if the called number appears on the card.  In order to win, a particular pattern or group of numbers must be achieved or accumulated.  If a player has already marked the required pattern of numbers in order to win, it is mandatory for the player to shout the word “BINGO” as loud as he can so that everyone as well as the game organizers will acknowledge your feat and verify if your card has really won.

This famous card game originated in Italy as early as 1530.  It later evolved and was played mainly on traveling carnivals.  Beano was its former name and was played by using cardboards, stamps and dried beans.  Our historians pinpoint Edwin Lowe as the culprit who got the idea of playing and popularizing bingo.  It was said that in one of its games, as everyone’s excitement was building up, a winner excitedly yelled “Bingo!” instead of “Beano”.  That particular event definitely changed the course of Bingo’s history.

Applying the idea in today’s lives, we are often faced with either a major or a minor difficulty on our daily human activities.  It cannot be ignored that sometimes, these problems or hindrances requires much of our attention, much so, our deep concentration.  Being able to immediately find an answer or a solution to these somewhat makes us abruptly happy that we sometimes feel like shouting.  It’s either a huge sigh or an expression as if we have won something.  Words like “eureka”, “that’s it”, “yes” or “bingo” expressed with an exclamation point are most of the time said.  Sportsmen alike are also fond of this expression as if it means hitting the spot or capturing a goal.

So the next time you fell like saying it, say it out loud and accompany it with full authority, BINGO!!!