How do rock bands get their ridiculous names?

So many musical bands with so many weird names. Sometimes it’s something totally random, other times it is something to do with the band’s origins or something more directly related to them and their music. Well either way most bands end up with really cool names but how they get there is the interesting part.

Foo Fighters : A foo fighter was slang during the World War II for UFOs.

Rage Against Machine: The band hoped their music and message would push people to react against the negative effects of certain government laws and corporation control.

ABBA: This one is quite simple for any fan of the famous pop group. The name is an acronym from the initials of the 4 members, Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni. It’s also a palindrome.

Pearl Jam: Lead singer Eddie Vedder named it after his aunt Pearl who made great jam. Unfortunately the name also is slang for semen.

Skrillex: Quite original this one, he got it from his old AIM username but what it actually means is unknown much like his music.

Queen: The band was originally named Smile but Freddie Mercury decided to change it to Queen because he thought the name was strong, beautiful and easy to understand for everyone.

Beastie Boys: Beastie is not actually an adjective for beast but it is an acronym for Boys Entering Anarchistic States Towards Inner Excellence.

Radiohead: Originally named “On a Friday”, they were asked by their label to change their name. The band choose the song Radio Head from the band Talking Heads album True Stories. The band Radiohead said that song was the least annoying from that album. That was a lot of head to write about.

Linkin Park: The band had to change their name due to copyright issues. At first the lead singer Chester suggested Lincoln Park as he was driving by it after a practice session. But the band couldn’t afford the domain name so they went with linkinpark. Some other theorists suggest that the band wanted their cd’s to appear next to Limp Bizkit. Why would anyone want that?

Childish Gambino: Donald Glover used a Wu-Tang name generator in his sophomore year of college, that’s how he got the name.

U2: It is the name of a spy plane from the United States army but the singer Bono said the name comes from the band’s interactivity with the crowd. U2 = you too!

Hopefully you care about some of these bands and now know why they have their names.