How did they start the Guinness Book of World Records

Guinness world records as it is known now, was called Guinness Book of records till 2000. It is published in 25 languages all over the world. The Guinness Book of Records is the most sold book with copy right, and this information is available as a record in the Guinness Book of Records itself.

Managing director of Guinness Brewery, Hugh Beaver went for shooting birds on 10th November 1951 to river Slaney in Ireland. He started arguing which was the fastest bird in the Europe, whether it was the grouse or the golden plover. That evening he was still not sure which was the fastest bird and he could not refer any books for finding the answer. He thought there must be so many other questions in everybody’s mind through out the country and the continent. His idea was that if a book was published with the answers to numerous questions it would be popular.

An executive working in Guinness Brewery, Christopher Chataway recommended twin brothers Norris McWhirter and Ross Mchirter who were keen on gathering facts.  Hugh Beaver enjoyed the interview very much that he had with Norris McWhirter and Ross Mchirter for the knowledge they had about unusual facts and records and made them find records. They had very sharp memory of the records and could recollect with amazing clarity the details of the subject that was asked for. (Norris was one of the BBC commentary team of Olympic Games between 1960 and 1976)

The twin brothers Norris McWhirter and Ross Mchirter accepted and started compiling records. In August 1954 The Guinness Book of Records was released. One thousand copies were printed and given away.

On 27 August 1955 the first edition of The Guinness Book of Records was sold on news stands. By Christmas that year it became the best seller for nonfiction in England. The next year c was launched in USA, it sold 70,000 copies. Eventually the book became very successful and several editions were published. The Guinness Book of Records started publishing an edition every one year in the month of October. Each year new set of records added.

The categories of records compiled are very diverse with different human feats and competitions. The stunts performed with automobiles, boats, trucks etc, eating records, drinking records are some of the records. The book came to record the video with the advent of technology.