How did the word moron come to mean “stupid”?

Browsing through my book I found another puzzling question and something I am sure most of you would love to know as it is something we all ponder about. How did the word moron come to mean stupid?

Well here is the answer to this pondering question —

We have all been called a moron at one time or another and understood it to mean we’ve done something foolish. The reason is that in 1910 De. Henry H. Goddard (1866-1957) proposed the word to the American Association for the Study of the Feebleminded to describe an adult with a mental capacity (IQ below 75) of a normal child between eight and twelve years of age. A moron was, in fact, the highest proposed rating of a mentally challenged person. The two lowest ratings suggested were imbecile and idiot. These categories have been dropped by the scientific community and are no longer in use — except as an insult!

Moron is from the Greek moros, meaning “stupid” or “foolish.”

So there you go guys, that is what I stumbledupon through my piles of dusty books. More to come..