How did the USA get involved in the First World War?

Propaganda Poster WW1

The first world war had started but oneĀ  nation was surprisingly neutral. Even though the population thought that the France and England were fighting against an Evil Germany and that the Country should help them, the US didn’t join the war till 1917, 1st march. Nearly 3 years after the war had begun, the US had joined the war. But what had triggered it? Was it the sinking of Lusitania or perhaps something else? Many believe the sinking did force Wilson to take the war a bit more seriously but only when the Zimmerman Telegram happened, did they enter the war.

The Zimmerman Telegram

In 1917, The British intercepted the transmission, what the telegram contained was the following: the German foreign minister proposed to the German Ambassador in Mexico to attack the US and if they managed to be victorious they could have their old lands of Texas, New Mexico and a few others back. The German promised to fund most of Mexico’s expenses for the war. Before the plan could go forward, the Brits sent the telegram to US diplomats. When the telegram was made public it sent the population in an outcry, fast forward a month later the US had officially joined the War.