How did the days of the week get their names?

Did you know there is a mythology behind every week of the day. Most of them have some relation with the Roman mythology but it’s the Vikings who went on to name them.

“Sunday”: It’s like the word says, Sun day, it is a day that stands for the sun.

“Monday”: This day is a tribute to the moon. The pronunciation is similar to Moon-day.

“Tuesday”: Is for the Germanic war god Tiu, Tiu is also the name of oneĀ  of the king of ancient Egypt, he was a pharaoh in lower Egypt.

“Wednesday”: This too has links with Germanic Gods, this time the god of the sky, Woden. Woden was also referred as Odin The Wanderer in some English parts of the world.

“Thursday”: This comes from the Norse god of Thunder Thor, Thor was the most famous of the Norse gods, stories of him were told around Europe.

“Friday”: From the Norse Goddess of Love, Frigg. She is also said to be the wife of Odin.

“Saturday”: This one is named after the Roman god, Saturn. Agriculture and Harvest is what he looked over.