How did Marmalade Get It’s Name?

First of all, marmalade is a fruit preserve it is sometimes referred as concoction and jam. For those who know it will always ask why it has such a weird name. Actually there is a legend behind it, the French-Speaking queen of the Scots, wasn’t feeling to well. So she had her servants made her a concoction, a medicinal one made by boiled oranges. The Queen’s name was Marie, the kitchen room was in a rush to get her the medicine, everyone was shouting Marie Malade, which is french for Mary Sick though leading to marmalade. That of course isn’t true, the actual word comes from the Portuguese word, Marmelada and it was created long before the Scottish Queen was born.

Did you know Marmalade has a long association with the Scottish city of Dundee, there is a factory named the Dundee Marmalade.

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