How did Barbie get her name?

Barbie has somewhat became an cult in our society, kids know more about Barbie than their next math homework. How did Barbie get her name and how was she created?

The Story Behind Barbie

Barbie was designed by Ruth Handler, whom named it after her daughter Barbara, who somewhat was the cause of the creation. Ruth noticed that her daughter enjoyed playing with paper dolls. Most of them were young people, so Ruth thought about making a doll that was an adult. She had noticed her daughter would give the young dolls the roles of adults that is why she came up with the idea. She proposed the idea to her husband Elliot who was Co founder of the company Mattel, he and the other execs didn’t like the idea, they thought it wouldn’t sell well. While Ruth clearly thought that there was a place in the market for adult dolls. When the Handlers went on a trip to Europe, in Germany Ruth noticed an adult prostitute doll named Bild Lili, the doll was doing well in Germany with kids and adults. Ruth gave one to her daughter and brought a few models for the company. After seeing the success it had in Germany, Mattel started producing these in the US. By 1959, Barbie was in most stores, she became a hit. Later Mattel released Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken, who was named after the Handler’s son.