How Did 7-Up get it’s name?

It all began in 1929, the year of Saint Valentine’s massacre, Charles L.Grigg of the town of Saint Louis, Missouri, was selling lemon-lime soft drink with a catchy slogan which was “Takes the Ouch out of Grouch”, it became an overnight sensation in that part of the world. Lithium was one of the key substances in the drink which made it what it was, though lithium was a powerful anti-depressant too, the ingredient was scraped off around the 1940s. One of the drink’s objective was to calm the mood of a person, no wonder it had anti-depressants in it. The 7 was a reference to the 7 ounces of Lithium and up was for the bubbles that came above.

One of the myths about Charles L.’s life was that many people believed him to be an albino. Which was why there was a red dot on the logo of 7up.