How Are the Seven Wonders of the World Decided

What if you had to decide the Seven Wonders of the World? Can you imagine how daunting that would be? The original Seven Wonder originated around 200 B.C. Today there is a World Panel of experts. Sites are nominated from votes and people from around the world. 100 million people took part in the poll from over 200 countries. This was the brainchild of Bernard Weber from Switzerland. The panel took 77 sites and narrowed it to 21. It was put to a vote in 2006 and overseen by the president Professor, Doctor Federico Mayor Zaragoza. The picks were based on architectural, cultural and overall beauty of the monuments and structures. The structures had to be in place before 2000. On July 7, 2007, the new list was released.

It takes years and a lot of input from people either through online voting or through other means to come to a decision.  There are so many sites that they cannot all be part of the great seven. They are marked in other ways, through categories like wonders of the ancient world, wonders of the medieval world and so on. It was a big event in Portugal when the announcement came with performances from stars like Jennifer Lopez and Chaka Khan. Hosts included Hilary Swank and Ben Kingsley. Hilary was quick to point out that this was a first for the greatest number of online voters in history. Pamphlets, pictures, and information were handed out. The Unseco and others protested the online voting method.  So what is the Seven Wonders of the World?

1. Chichen Itza- Mexico
2. Christ Redeemer- Brazil
3. The Coliseum- Italy
4. Taj Mahal- India
5. The Great Wall- China
6.  Petra- Jordan
7.  Machu Picchu- Peru

Young and old want to know about the Seven Wonders of the World and flock to internet sites to find information. Of course, it would be great to see them in person, but let us face it that may not be in the budget! There were cheers and hugs from the people of the countries chosen. “Christ is a Wonder”! One Brazilian cheered. Then there were others upset that no Catholic symbols were chosen. Other countries felt some of their monuments should have won out. Well you cannot please everyone, especially in this huge decision. The world is full of beautiful structures and the list would be a lot longer if we included them all!

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