Hopping Mad

Do you remember playing the game of hopscotch when you were younger and in your school days? The game has never really stopped being popular and many young children are seen playing hopscotch every lunch break at school. Kids would hop all over these squares, the longer the better, and would do so at every chance they could get. The regular sized hopscotch game just wasn’t enough for some people though and on the 26th of September 2009 in Kingston, Tennessee the Victory Baptist Church along with the shoe retailer Toms Shoes joined forces in an effort to raise awareness and raise donations for a not-for-profit organization which pushes itself to provide 10,000 impoverished children with a pair of shoes each, the organization goes by the name of “Beautiful Feet”.

In order to raise these funds the dynamic duo had to think of a good way that would provide both publicity and be low on cost. The solution was Hopscotch. On an autumn day, in the rain, the Victory Baptist Church along with Toms Shoes managed to set an official Guinness World Record for the worlds longest hopscotch game. The lengthy hopscotch game stretched a tiring 4,804.55m or 15,762.93 ft which was thoroughly examined by Danny Girton Jr who is an official Guinness world records adjudicator. The rain had no hope of dampening the spirits of children and parents who witnessed the large course and many children and parents were eager to hop along the record making game.

This record was an entirely new one and another record for hopscotch course length has not been found in any searches of the Guinness World Records website. Luckily for the Church and Toms Shoes as well as the charity, the record length course was not marked into the pavement with chalk as it often is by school children playing in their recess but was instead painted onto the pavement in white paint. This was a very smart move considering that the day they set the record it was actually raining and the course would have been washed away by the rain water if it had only been done in chalk. There are other hopscotch related Guinness World Records such as the record for the most hopscotch games in a 24 hour time period. This record belongs to Ashrita Furman who participated in 434 hopscotch games in just 24 hours.

It is unknown just who, if anyone, will make an attempt to break this record and when this attempt will be made if ever. One thing which is for certain is that this record not only helped to raise funding and awareness for a worthy and noble cause but also helped to infuse a heightened sense of community spirit in the town with so many people wanting to participate and contribute to the event. It is large scale events such as these which help bring people together to work as a team in order to succeed at reaching a specific goal. The record and a video of the hopscotch course can be found on the Guinness World Record website.