History of Boxing

Human beings always wanted to show and test their physical powers. One of the sports that test the endurance, power, tact and quickness of human being is boxing.

Boxing is a sporting competition between two people hitting one another with glove covered hands. The fights are performed in rounds for a specified time with rests in between rounds.

Boxing was practiced in 4000 BC in North Africa. Boxing was popular in Greek, Rome and several parts of Europe long ago and Augustus banned the fighting. It is said that since the sport grew very popular and distracted people, in the year 500 AD Theodoric banned the sport. Earlier people fought with leather strapped around their hands. Boxing in very early days were lethal. The slaves and convicts were fighting to gain independence in Rome. Even in those days common men boxed as sports to prove their might and skills.

In 1681 Britain had recorded boxing competition. It is widely believed that the Duke of Albemarle made his butcher and butler compete in the sports for fun and amusement!

In the year 1743 a great boxer named Jack Boughtonis (known as Father of Boxing) planned to pen the rules. Death of one of his opponents during a tough match made Jack Boughtonis write the rules of boxing.

In 1865 John Douglass made prominent rules to systematize the sports. He provided a lot for the improvement of boxing. He made twelve important rules which include the very important rule of three minute rounds and approval of boxing gloves.

Marquess of Queensberry in 1866 approved a compilation of rules titled with his name. This period was known as modern era of boxing. Some of the rules were; the round can last only three minutes, Gouging and wrestling were banned during a competition, Gloves have to be worn by the boxers.

Boxing was flourishing in the Nineteen Hundreds. Boxing was listed for the 1904 St. Louis games. The twentieth century witnessed very accomplished and great boxers.

The mouth guard was invented in 1902. Welterweight fighter Ted “Kid” Lewis used the mouth guard for the first time in 1913.

National Boxing Association (NBA) established in 1927 ensured the championship is fair and instrumental in the development of boxing, maintaining ethics and increasing popularity.

Long ago boxing had another name, Pugilism which means sweet science. Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Jack Johnson, Benny Leonard, Rocky Marciano, Mickey Walker are some of the famous boxing stars who brought lot of recognition to the boxing sport.