Hidden Cameo

I love when you go to watch a really high budget movie with a great director. And then suddenly you notice the director making a cameo but sometimes you don’t. So I will tell you some of the cameo appearances I’ve seen and quite a lot of other people.



Who Did I SEE? The film’s director and that of the nightmare in Elm Street, Wes Craven.

Where Did I SEE him? He plays a small part as the school janitor, you can see him wearing a Freddy Krueger sweater.



Who Did I SEE? Harrison Ford, better known for his roles in films such as Indiana Jones: The raiders of the lost arc.

Where Did I SEE: This is kinda cheating cause I didn’t see him but he is listed as the biology teacher. And you never see his face, you only see him once talking with his back towards the camera.

The Lost Worlds: Jurassic Park (1997)

Not any cameo’s but some funny easter egg’s. In the¬† video store there was a few posters and I took the time to pause and see what they were. One was, King Lear, starring Arnold Schwarznegger, Jach and the Behnstacks, starring Robin Williams and Tsunami Surprise, starring Tom Hank’s. The poster show’s Tom Hank’s head on a surfers body.

Halloween (1978)

Who Did I SEE? William Shatner, also known as the captain of the star tek spaceship.

Where Did I SEE him? On the movie’s budge was low that they couldn’t afford a serious make up. So they bought a William Shatner mask and painted it white for the psycho’s face. William Shatner¬† played a part in that movie without knowing it.