Hiccups – One Too Many? or A Natural Occurrence?

If you are a person who has the hiccups all the time, then you need to read this article, because hiccuping can be very uncomfortable and painful after awhile. Probably you are saying to yourself, that if you knew why you get them, then you would stop whatever it is that you are doing. Yes, prevention is the best policy, so a discussion of how to prevent hiccups would be the best solution.

Never gulp your food down too quickly, as you will let extra air in, along with any food you are eating. Some of this air will come back up, with burping, but not all of the air will escape in this manner. Some of the air will just stay down in the stomach, trapped between layers of the food. When you have the hiccups, especially while eating with other people, you should just stop eating, until all the gas has emerged and you might want to leave the table while this is happening.

Are you addicted to carbonated beverages? Do you also hiccup? Maybe you don’t class yourself as addicted, but if you get the hiccups after drinking some of the soda, then you can be sure that is the cause. When some people are told the answer to their problem, and they enjoy the cause, it is very difficult to give that solution up. Granted, you don’t have to always do without the pop, just try it for a time and see if that works.

One way to relieve yourself of these irritating hiccups, is to tilt your head back a ways, so that your airways will allow the air to push up and out. Breathe deeply, and this will also put pressure on the stomach, which is a good thing. Drinking lots of water can alleviate you of the symptoms, as long as you drinks it very slowly. Do not eat anything else for awhile, and especially anything which demands that you chew, as this process will allow more air to get into your stomach.

The nerves are stimulated in the upper part of the stomach, causing the hiccups, with all this gas that is coming in with the food. When your food is digested and the air released, then the hiccups will disappear. What do you do about these dreaded hiccups? Prevention is the key and as we have gone over the simple solution already, but repeat, eat your food very slowly. This will help your digestion and prevent the air from making its way into your stomach. Never drink carbonated drinks while you are eating. Take the time to enjoy what you are eating and chew your food very carefully, giving your body a chance to digest it, even before it gets to your stomach.