Hey Why Do They Do That? How does panting regulate a dogs body temperature?

Have you ever wondered why on the hottest days of the summer your dogs tongue is usually always out of his mouth? Well let me tell you that we have a lot more sweat glands then the dog family. As you know dogs have fur so it makes it a lot harder for them to control their body temperature.

To help dogs keep their body temperatures at a normal level they do something called “panting”. This helps by cooling the mouth and tongue along with blood which circulates in their head. But not only does it cool down their body temperature it also provides air flow to the important blood vessels in the area of their head, which surrounds the nose. This helps your dogs brain from over heating and it also keeps cooler blood flowing through their body.

Your probably wondering “Why do they need to have there tongues out, why can’t they just have there mouths open?” By letting there tongues hang out this helps by allowing moisture on there tongue to evaporate. Now let me just take a moment to let you know that when dogs pant it is not always caused by heat. It could mean that they are distressed.

When it is a very hot day outside dogs are like humans in some ways. They need lots of fresh cold water and sometimes need to be left under the shade. It is much easier for humans to calm there body temperature down then it is for dogs. Also if your dog is overweight their bodies are more likely to overheat much quicker then the normal sized dog out there.

You’ll probably notice with an overweight dog that they pant a lot more and faster. You should take heed of warning signs to this and if on the weather channel it gives heat warnings maybe you should let your dog stay in that day. If he needs to go out it’s probably best not to leave him outside in that blazing heat for more then 15 minutes. If you notice that your dog seems to be panting excessively or for no specific reason consult your veterinarian immediately.

Aside from the most common causes of panting that we have talked about here there are several health conditions that can be the cause of this. For example there is kidney problems, diabetes or hyperthyroidism to name a few. Then there are health conditions that don’t allow them enough oxygen intake so they will pant excessively trying to draw in additional oxygen. Finally even painful disorders will cause them to pant such as arthritis or respiratory diseases.

It also has to be taken into account the breed of dog as well. For some dogs their nasal anatomy is not the same as others and this can create more of a problem for them when taking in enough oxygen.

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