Herbs and Everything you wanted to know

Everything you want to know about herbs and other information you never bothered knowing

During the past few days of our aim to discuss various things that matter most such as how does a flower drink or to the point of targeting our acnes and gadgets.  Interestingly, these attempts are rarely undertaken although it’s a known bandwagon that they are the ones who really value most.  And to further the beauty and enhance on a simpler but deeper understanding of things, we’ll try to focus again on a significantly small, ancient but very helpful matter.  It is so very instrumental and vital in our way of living that people go to the point of making a profit through them.  On this particular discussion, we will try to magnify “herbs” and try to gather much useful information regarding the same.

Presently, the evidence of herb supplements, health herbs, nature herbs, herbs for stress, herbal health and such other names and notions that man could ever think of  associating with herbs are so rampant and visible anywhere.  In the event that science in its health factor in particular, has admittingly stated the intrinsic value of herbs in most of their studies.  It cannot be denied likewise that the emergence of herb supplements and other herb contained medicines in terms of effectiveness grew on a more fortunate manner.  This particular phenomenon makes us wonder how truly effective these herbs are and what are these, by the way?

Meaning and uses. – Literally, our ever useful dictionary would simply define an herb as plant.  Moreover, this particular plant is somewhat special in nature.  The reason behind its “specialty” feature is that these plants are commonly used for its medicinal or healing properties.  They are likewise recognized for the distinct aromas they exude.  Studies of herbs as early as the ancient times, have found herbs to be very useful in cooking.

Culinary – Apart from its many uses, the herbs’ playing a great role in the world of cooking or culinary is probably one of the common.  A modern cooking demonstration or a cooking show would not be complete without the inclusion of herbs as part of the ingredient.  The main purpose of these herbs being used mostly by our culinary wizards, deals more on the distinct flavor that each individual herb gives.  Not to be likened to vegetables and spices, herbs are entirely different in terms of its characteristic.  Herbs, according to culinary experts, are more flavorful and aromatic.  This further explains why the presence of such distinct smell and sumptuous flavor can always be found on our fine dining restaurants nowadays.  It is obviously entirely because of the presence of herbs.  The most common herbs used in the culinary world that makes us crave for more servings are basils, rosemary, oregano and mints.

Medicinal – It cannot also be mistaken that the moment we speak of herbs, the other thing that comes to our minds is health.  Herbs are obviously and closely related to health.    Our forefathers and ancients relied mostly on herbs as medicines during those times. Nowadays, more and more people opt to herbal supplements and herbal health related medicines for treatment for the main reason that herbs per se is natural and does not contain harmful chemicals unlike the usual over-the-counter medicines available in the market.  Although strict measures are being undertaken to notify herbal supplement takers that most of what they are taking does not promise or have not yet proven to give therapeutic results, the availability and the “naturalness” of these herbal health pills are some of the many factors that are attributable to its success.  Medicinal herbs, according to experts should be taken with extreme caution.  There are medicinal herbs and health herbs that vary in effecting the deemed results.  Some herbs are too risky if taken on a large amount.  An example of this herb is the extract of kava.  This particular herb is known to relieve depression and considered as a stress herb.  As a kind of a stress herb that deals more on relieving stress, taking too much of this herb extract is dangerous and could lead to poisoning.  Some known medicinal herbs are Gingko Biloba (can cure anxiety attacks, headaches, Alzheimer’s disease, heart and lung problems) and the ever popular Ginseng (known to relax the nervous system, increases one’s immunity to disease and boosts agility brought about mostly by age factors) Currently, science is developing more advance studies on how to maximize the use of these health herbs without actually ever having to endanger one’s life.

Religious – Another known use for herbs is in the religious world.  Herbs play an important role in these practices of the society.  Christianity for instance, the practice of it includes the use of various herbs for worship such as myrrh and frankincense (as shown in the Catholic Bible’s various accounts on both the old and new testaments).  Other religions associate the use of herbs in the worshiping or adornment.  There is even a particular religion called “Herbalism” that relies more on the natural aspect, of how the way things naturally happen as it is, as their way of life.  Herbs come into the scene on the believers’ notion that people can be healed thru the medicinal and healing characteristics of plants.  They further believe that the mere presence of natural herbs, one can be healed physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Herbs may not be their focus of attention in their practice of Herbalism but purely relying on the herbs’ unique abilities makes the herbalists considered to be a source of alternative medicine.  That is particularly apart from the rituals and prayers.

The emergence of herbs, its usefulness and the way it has affected humanity as well as how the people live lives as medicinal means of treating a disease began as early as we can imagine.  Our favorite historical movies even depict the way our ancients deal with disease with the use of herbs through their friendly neighbor “Medicine Man” (as doctors and surgeons were just too early even as an idea).  For them, diseases are caused by some supernatural being or something unexplainable.  They further believed that it is only through proper worship and adornment of the necessary herbs (which commonly are burnt during that time), is the proper way to heal and let the disease disappear.  Women in the village then were in charge of gathering and collecting these vital herbs and plants to be used in case a certain disease occurs.  Even recent findings of the wonders of mummification were attributed to the use of herbs.  The distinction of one’s rich culture from the other also carries herbs as one of its factors particularly when it comes to the health and wellness.  Ca you just imagine how were the early inhabitants of earth able to travel by foot across those land bridges or hunt the wildest and most virgin forests without any account of one getting bedridden by a disease or by a plague.  There are no penicillin and anti-biotic during those times.  There were not even syringes and vials.  The mere presence and use of these small plants we call herbs are the one that kept them going.  Studies have manifested that people then are much stronger and sturdier than those today.  The herbalists may be right in some ways in saying that the human bodies today are composed mostly of chemicals and do lack the natural things essential to make them at least invulnerable to disease.

Society’s clamor for the use of herbs as a solution for their problems in health is not quite surprising anymore as our past has gone from using the ancient means to developing a more realistic and modern way of using it.  It may be not so far that science will pave more way to the possibility of having these ancient proven methods and means to lessen the human’s body of chemicals that are not well susceptible for human consumption and wellness.  Herbs and its timeless proofs of healing wonders may be an answer to our common health problems.  They are natural, cheap (can even be grown on our own pots and backyards) and most of all tried and tested.  We just fervently hope that these rather untapped wonders be spared from abuse and greedy souls who rather think of profits than the main purpose of its business.  Experts too should rely less on what the advance chemicals can offer, but instead try looking deeply on the possible wonders and characteristics that these herbs possess.  Its no wonder too that people nowadays tend to rely back on these herbs for their health and wellness.  Our old people actually are the ones who are that persistent that we get back to using these herbs and maximizing their wonderful capabilities.  Maybe it is high time that we lend our ears on them before it’s too late.

It is actually quite ironic amidst all the technicalities and complexities that are happening, we are always drawn to go back to the basics.  For herbs are considered the best, apart from it being tried and tested.

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