Hemorrhoid Cures

Hemorrhoid is a disease that is quickly expanding and around 4/5 of adults will experience it some point in their lives in Europe & North America. Even if the disease can be very unpleasant there are treatments to prevent it from growing into something bigger.

There are four degree’s of hemorrhoids, the 1st being the least and the 4th being the most dangerous. Those who have the 4th degree might be risking anal cancer. If you bleed from the anus and can’t sit properly you should contact your family doctor or go to the emergency cure. The doctor will probably determine the severity of your condition with a physical examination.

But if your case is less severe there are some home cures you can try out. These cures have been tested and been known to work for people with hemorrhoids.

-Ointments: You can find ointments at a local herb store, find one with a numbing agent such as hazel.

-Most hemorrhoid affected people like to bath in warm water all the time. After a long bath dry the zone with a hair drier.

-Cold packs, place a cold pack on the swelling and it might ease the pain.

-Use moist toilet paper, dry paper may endanger your swelling even more and moist paper has anti bacteria biotic on it.

-Painkillers, they can give a short term relief but might become addicting to some people.

If these hemroids cure don’t work for you, you should check hemorrhoid treatment clinically.

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  1. I have heard that Witch Hazel will also help relieve the pain associated with Hemorrhoids. It is also best to change your diet which will not only help with hemorrhoids but will give you a healthier life.

  2. Some good information there. Remember that diet is also a factor so be sure to eat high fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water. Promoting good bowel movement will keep hemorrhoids at bay.

    There are many other natural cures that you can try as well such as powdered horse chestnut, and a mixture of apple cider vinegar to name a few.

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