South Africa Vacation Fun Facts

South Africa is a wild and mesmerizing place that embodies all of the iconic qualities of the great continent. From safaris to bungee jumping, every day in South Africa is an adventure rivaled by none.

Everyone to from the seasoned traveler to the wide-eyed neophyte will find something in South Africa to satisfy their need to “leave ordinary behind” as the country’s official travel slogan declares. Solo travelers, friends, families, couples – everyone is welcomed by South Africa’s friendly inhabitants and made to feel at home.

There are also many types of experiences available to the traveler in South Africa. From the rustic and amenity-free adventure tours, to a posh South Africa honeymoon, accommodations run the range from minimal to four-star luxury.

When you are in South Africa there are some things that you simply must do. These are the activities that define the country’s image and give it an enduring place in the world’s collective consciousness. There is no better place on earth to do certain things, so here are some of the most popular and exciting attractions South Africa has to offer:

Safaris are perhaps one of the most universal images of South Africa. Go on and embrace your inner National Geographic photographer and set off on an excursion to find lions, elephants, leopards and rhinos in their natural habitat.

Bungee jumping from the Bloukrans Bridge will satisfy even the most ardent daredevil. At 216 meters, the jump spot on the Garden Route is officially the world’s highest commercial bungee from a bridge.

There is probably no place more revered for its spirit than Soweto township. Take a tour to the township that brought down Apartheid and experience this history from a unique perspective. Short day trips are available as are overnight stays that promise to introduce the visitor to the “vibrant social scene and thrumming nightlife.”

Getting up close and personal with a Great White Shark is easy in South Africa. “Shark Alley” is world renowned as one of the top commercial cage-diving locations. Perhaps, the area’s reputation as host to one of the largest populations of great whites in the world has something to do with it. But if a cage is a little too close for comfort, take in the spectacle from the safety of the boat.

Johannesburg is one of Africa’s most exciting and cosmopolitan cities. Visitors can enjoy world-class restaurants and sidewalk cafes, shopping, high quality museums, casinos and exceptional nightlife. Johannesburg has much more to offer than a casual observer might think.

This is but a taste of the jewels hidden in the lush landscapes of South Africa. No traveler should pass up a trip to this incredible locale that ranks among the world’s finest.
Steve Campbell is a tech writer by trade, but he’s had the travel bug for years. Steve recently returned from a memorable South Africa honeymoon, which he recommends highly.