Getting Better Cardio with Running

In the last decade the thought of personal fitness has arisen in nearly every country. Before that it was never really mainstream to talk about working, most people did sports or didn’t. But in the last decade this has greatly changed, with fitness gyms and martial arts gyms opening in every country in the world. Taking care of your personal health has become one of the top priorities of a person in our world. This mainly because of the advent of new diseases and society becoming generally less active. With the immergence of technology humans have jobs that require less and less manual labor. Working out can be anything from yoga to strength training to any sport.  But one of the easiest ways to get fit and be rid of most disease is be in good cardiovascular shape. A good body needs a good heart. Good cardio is not easy to come by but a good running routine can help massively.

One thing about running is that it’s easy, if you’ve been alive for long enough you probably know how to run properly. Of course there is a form and shape to running but it’s very instinctive and simple. On the equipment side you only need some loose clothes and good running shoes. For the clothes you might want to wear something made out of a really light fabric, that lets the wind breeze in and not absorb the sunlight. Cotton is one nono for running; it really makes a difference during a hot, humid day. Nike’s track & field shirt are great for running and have good durability. For shoes you might want regular running sneakers but there has recently been a popular alternative the vibram foot shoes. There is even an optionWhich are made scientifically to avoid foot injuries. They are also lighter than any regular running sneakers which make for easier runs. Socks are also important, here we must also avoid the cotton, something made out of polyester is recommended. Back to running, running burns the most calories per minute than any other activity other than a high intensity workout. Best way to get into running is joining a local marathon(place doesn’t matter) or just going on runs by yourself. Those were some tips on running.