Gardening – For Seniors

Are you someone who has been gardening all your life? and now you are having difficulty doing your own gardens? It might be that you can get down there, but you can’t get up again, and that situation comes to each of us in time. It is a sad place to be, especially when you loved getting your hands into your own soil, choosing which plants to buy and plant, but just can’t seem to do it anymore.

I’m a gardener, and I’m going to tell you the story about how I became one. The reason I’m telling you, is so that it might help you on your search for a gardener. You see, you never know where one may turn up. I have always had a huge interest in gardening, even the weeding, which so many people just can’t stand, but I never seemed to mind that part.

One day, when my life had taken a turn, I was without a husband, with not too much cash coming in and needed some extra money, but did not know what I would like to do, or what I could do, given the chance. I was out doing garage sales and got to talking to the lady who lived in this specific place. This house was huge, with masses of shrubs, very nicely done too, I might add. She told me that the previous owner had put $350,000 into having the place landscaped, and it looked like it too. Probably now, the work would have another $150,000 added to that total. She said it was too much work for her to keep up, and I said she needed a gardener and she agreed, asked me if I knew one and I replied, (without even thinking) yes me.

I don’t know who was the most surprised, her or me, but we made arrangements to get together and work out some of the details, wages, day to work each week, etc. Now you have to realize, this lady had never met me before, but I guess I have an honest face. She hired me anyway. I really enjoyed that job, it was the start of my gardening business. Yes, it grew and became an official business, but I never had to advertise. People asked me, because they had talked to someone who knew what I was doing.

Another one of my customers came in a very unusual way also. I was out walking in our town one day, and noticed a lady working in her flower bed, so I stopped to chat with her, told her how nice her place was looking, (they had put on a new veranda) and while we were talking, I said you must be the gardener, and she said no, this is my house, and we have our business here, and I’m going to have to look for a gardener, as I can’t do my work and the gardens too. I said, with more confidence this time, “I’m a gardener”. She hired me, asked me if I could do her house where she lives also. I said I’d come and look at it and was hired for that one too.

I told you these stories (which are true) because there are people out there, who just might need a job and by asking around, you could find someone who can help you, a new friend and in turn, you will be helping them.

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