Gambling and Lotto

Can lotto be considered a form of gambling? Governments around the world are trying to stop or at least regulate gambling. In some countries, it is even seen as a form of sin. Gambling can basically be defined as wagering something of monetary value for an event with an uncertain outcome. Its primary intention is winning monetary rewards if the guess/theory proves accurate. A lot of people particulate in gambling for recreational purposes. Some even see this is the short-cut to success.

Gambling can have a dramatic negative effect on gamblers. The idea of “getting rich quick” is intoxicating but it is seldom possible. But despite repeated losses, some people continue to gamble believing that their luck may just be around the corner. . Because of this, it can become addicting and lead to harmful behavior in some individuals.

Now, is lotto considered a form of gambling? Majority will say that it is…but they will also claim that it is a harmless form of gambling. After all, $10-$15 for a lotto ticket wouldn’t hurt anyone. Is this really accurate? A man from Quebec recently killed himself because of lotto addiction. The government is aware of the risks associated with gambling. Yet, despite this awareness, they continue to promote gambling either to fill government coffers or to avoid implementing unpopular tax measures. They are doing this at the price of a minority’s individual lives and futures.

Lotto operators aren’t generating money from recreational “gamblers” or people who buys lotto cards once or twice a month. Instead, they are generating massive amounts of income from a small number of people who are desperate enough to buy lotto cards regularly. They see lotto as their short-cut to success. However, the opposite is happening because instead of letting them make money from their “investments”, they are losing money and they are destroying their lives.

The man from Quebec, Andre Baril, who ultimately took his own life, blew his life savings worth $50,000 on lotto. A few years ago, he won $25,000 from lotto and he has been obsessed with the game since then. He is a 62 year old man who was already retired but because of the ills bought by his lotto addiction, his end has become tragic.

The question in everyone’s mind is, should lotto still be legal? Stories similar to Andre Baril are not uncommon in gambling. For the government to promote gambling activities such as lotto is unacceptable.

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