Fun Stuff About Charitable Gifts Give Back

When we talk about gifts, the old refrain “It’s better to give than to receive” usually comes in to play at some point. But why not, “It’s better to give AND receive?”

The spirit of giving is already in the air ahead of the holiday season, so there is no better time to be considering how you will show loved ones you care. Will you get the latest plastic trinket that holds zero intrinsic value, or will you do something more meaningful that actually has an impact on the community or world we live in?

Charitable gifts are a wonderful way to give a loved one something special while also lending support to any of a huge number of organizations that are doing good deeds near and far. Gifts that give back come in many forms ranging from organization memberships to “adoptions” to retail purchases that supplement programs. Often times, your favorite charity already has a charitable gifts program that can be easily accessed; however there are many more opportunities available – perhaps one that the gift receiver believes in and that would bring a special reward.

With so many charitable organizations in operation, finding the right gift can be unnecessarily difficult. For this reason, there are websites that help connect charitable givers with their favorite causes for gift giving purposes. To help smooth the process, we’ve gathered together the top 5 websites for finding charitable gifts: This site offers unique gifts that are 100 percent tax deductible and support organizations working in the areas of breast cancer and women’s health, animal rescue, children’s health, hunger and poverty, literacy and environmental protection and restoration. Outreach International has been working with impoverished people since 1979 to help give them a brighter future through sustainable solutions. Through the sites shop, buy – on behalf of a gift recipient – items such as goats, sheep, class supplies, carpentry tools, stoves and other items that directly benefit people in need. A non-profit organization with the mission to end poverty and provide opportunities and support for artisans and farmers worldwide. Fair trade, handmade items are sold on the site and proceeds go to benefit various people and causes. Everything from bath and body items to home décor and jewelry can be found at the Gifts That Give site. For every $5 purchased, $1 goes to support causes that include medical research, public safety, animals and wildlife, agriculture, community improvement, foreign affairs and much more. Who better to appeal to people’s hearts than talk show maven Oprah. Her site includes a webpage for guidance in buying high quality charitable gifts including some of Oprah’s personal favorites.