Fun Facts on Venezuela

Venezuela is actually officially the “Bolivarian Republic of Venezula.” The capital if Caracas. The national flower is the orchid. There is 1740 miles of coastline. They were ruled by the Spanish for close to 300 years.The currency is called Bolivar. Venezuela has the highest waterfall in the world called Angel Falls. It drops 3,212 feet and a half times the height of the Empire State Building and more then four times the height of Canary Wharf at 748ft. It is a fact that the country got it’s name from it’s likeness of Venice, Italy! The number one export for Venezuela is oil. You can be sure that there are many beautiful women in Venezuela. In fact there are more Miss Universes and Miss Worlds then in any other country. There are only two seasons in eastern Venezuela. Hot and Dry and Hot and Wet.

The most popular sport in Venezuela is baseball. They have produced such baseball stars as Luis Aparicio, Chico Carrasquel, Dave Concepcion, Manny Trillo, Ozzie Guillen, Omar Vizquel and Carlos Garcia. Soccer is not called soccer in Venezuela. It is called “futbol.” If you enjoy hot showers, you may be the only one. Taking a hot shower is rare in this country! They don’t have hot water heaters! Foods are diverse including such dishes as pabellon, empenadas, arepas and hallacas. Many people in Venezuela lack the proper sanitation. The Christmas season is important in Venezuela. In the capital of Caracas the streets get blocked off on Christmas Eve so that people can rollerskate to church!

The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle was written about an expedition to Mount Roraima in Venezuela. You can still find prehistoric animals there! You can’t watch the popular television series ,”The Simpsons” in Venezuela. It was banned because they felt it was inappropriate for children. Not only has Venezuela been rated as one of the happiest countries in the world but it has also been rated as the most murderous! That is quite a contrast! You can bet that Venezuelans are stubborn people. They have submitted 18 films to the Oscars for Best Foreign Film, but have not received any nominations. If you have children going to school they can choose the times they go. For younger children there are morning and afternoon classes. For older children they can even go to night school from 5pm to 10pm.

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  1. Hello…just to let you know I am Venezuelan… although most of your facts are correct, some of them are not.
    I find this somewhat distasteful, because you are portraying my country in a negative manner.

    1st: Learn to spell. Some of the grammar is incorrect.
    2nd: Most homes in Venezuela do own water heaters, however we choose not to use them as the weather is already hot, saying that we do not own water heaters implies that we can not afford them.
    3rd: Stating that we do not have proper sanitation insinuates that we do not look after our personal hygiene.
    4rd: Although the streets of Caracas are shut on Christmas Eve and people do go out on roller-skates, it is a party called “Patinada” which is organized by the local government. This is so people can get involved in fun activities and the community the day before Christmas. We do not use the streets to roller-skate to church.
    5th: Once again you have portrayed us in a negative way by stereotyping that we are stubborn and by say that it is a murderous country. You can find murderers and stubborn people everywhere else in the world.
    6th: The final comment that I have to make is about the school system. Even though you are partially correct when you say that the children choose what time the wish to attend, it is only in public schools. they have two options which they can choose from, either mornings of evenings. By leaving the option so broad on your fact article it makes it seem like the educational system has no structure.

    Hope that you will read this and take what I have said into account. Speaking for myself, as a Venezuelan, some may find your comment a little offensive.

    Kind Regards,

  2. I don’t think this article is offensive in any way. I think the writer did a pretty good job at letting others know what Venezuela is like, and at no point did I think all the negative thoughts Ian came up with. However, thank you very much for correcting the facts Ian. I truly believe that the writer actually likes Venezuela and was just trying to share his/her experiences with the rest of the world. You should never assume that all comments are made to offend people, for example the school system comment. I think its good that children are allowed to choose the times they wish to attend school, it never even crossed my mind that the school system in Venezuela has no structure. Schooling is treated differently all around the world, there is not right or wrong way to do it.

  3. Thanks for taking your time to write about my country Venezuela. Just a few notes to help you make your blog more accurate.
    1.- Most homes in Venezuela DO HAVE Hot showers. Maybe some of the ones in very rural areas do not have them and probably do not need them because of the warm climate.
    2.- Every home have have proper sanitation for personal Hygiene. It is true that homes in very poor areas might be very basic but middle class properties have bathrooms as good as in any other country in the world…and sometimes mcuh more modern and stylish than the ones in the US. We have an important influence from europe in that matter.
    3.- Only the public school system allow kids to choose the attendance time being mornings or afetrnoons the options. Most of the middle class children attend Private school and that takes place only in the mornings. Afternoons are dedicated to the family, recreation and extracurricular activities such as sports and arts.
    4.- We close the streets in some neighborhoods for one night during the holidays so kids can skate in the street and have fun but not to go to church! It never happens in the main roads, only inside subdivisions.It is kind of what people do in the US to celebrate halloween just that we do it to skate and celebrate Christmas Season and they are call “Patinadas”…reeeeaaally fun. I wish we would have them here in the US.
    I hope this helps you enrich your article/blog.
    Thanks and regards

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