Fun Facts on Rolex

Originally, Rolex was named Wilsdorf and Davis as Wilsdorf founded the company in 1905. It is based in Geneva, Switzerland. It is the largest luxury watch brand! Rolex invented the first waterproof watch. Some of the watches named the dial after actor Paul Newman because he wore Rolex watches so often. Many rappers wear them and they have been mentioned in rap songs. They are the most counterfeited watches in the world! Mostly pocket watches were produced. You can spot a fake Rolex when you see “Rollex” embossed on it or “Made in China” logo. It is actually getting easier and cheaper to own a genuine replica!

Genuine Rolex watches will have a trip lock crown. The genuine deal has light reflecting very fine lines. A Rolex is the symbol for the 31st anniversary. Watches along with furniture also represent the 17th year. Duplicate watches are sold all over the world. They range from $25 to $1500. The fake number is actually 10 times what Rolex produces at its own facilities! These types of watches are known as “folex”, “trolex,” and “fauxlex”. Some of these fakes are so good that even trained jewellers can’t tell the difference. The Rolex Sea Dweller is the only one with a date but without the date magnifier. It is the only one with writing on the caseback saying, “Rolex Oyster” and “Original Escape Valve.” The bulbous shape of the hour hand makes the hour hand easy to see in low light.

An original Rolex will have an etching on the inside of the crystal at the 6 o’clock position. Rolex is one of the only watchmakers to still make their own movements. Rolex is a privately owned company that gives its profits to charities. Rolex invented the waterproof wristwatch. They also spearheaded the self-winding mechanisms in their watches coming up with the Auto Rotor system. They also gained chronometer certification for almost all their watches giving assurance of accuracy. Rolex was waterproof and shockproof before the rest of the industry. Rolex is the most innovative of all the Swiss companies. They have patented more than a thousand advances in horology. They make all their own movements, cases, bracelets and crystals. They own most of their distributors.

They are the largest watchmaker making 800,000 watches a year! They sell every watch they make! They have the longest ownership of any Swiss watch company and have had only 2 chief executives. Rolex watches can be re-sold for good money. Most of the money they get goes to community.