Fun Facts on Playboy

Playboy started with its founder Hugh Hefner. Playboy’s first issue went on sale December 1953. It sold 54, 175 copies at 50 cents each! The first magazine had 44 pages. The original name for the magazine was Stag Party! There was no rabbit as a mascot, it was a buck. Hugh Hefner changed the name to Playboy at a friend’s suggestion after the name Stag Party was already in use and it was a trademark issue. The first edition actually featured a nude photo of Marilyn Monroe that Hefner bought from a local calendar printer. It also contained a story about Sherlock Holmes by Sir Conan Doyle.

The famous rabbit logo has appeared on every cover since the second edition in January 1954. The first centerfold was Marian Stafford who was in the March 1956 issue. Pamela Anderson has been on Playboys cover more than any other model. She has been on the cover 10 times between 1989 and 2001! Seven men have appeared on the cover, N-eter Sellers, Burt Reynolds, Steve Martin, Donald Trump, Dan Akroyd, Jerry Seinfeld and Leslie Nielson. Then Playboy launched into merchandising in 1956 when it started selling cufflinks shaped like the logo. As of 2003, 602 women have been playmates!

Hefner himself actually has 112 pairs of silk pyjamas. It is all part of his image! Playboy launched into television in 1982. The same year Hefner’s daughter Christie took over as president of the company. There are 18 International editions of Playboy around the world. They are in Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Mexico and The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain and Taiwan. However the magazine is banned in China. However, the companies’ largest product license deal is with China’s Chaifa Investment Ltd.

Playboy opened the first of its famed Clubs staffed by bunny clad females in Chicago in 1960. However, they had to close them due to a severe economic downturn in 1986. Hefner called the bunnies, “a thing of the past.” Hefner is so popular he has an animal species named after him called “Sylvilagus palustris hefneri.” According to Playboy magazine more women will talk dirty during sex then men! After the actress Drew Barrymore posed for Playboy in 1995, the director Steven Spielberg sent a note that read, “Cover yourself up” along with a quilt and a copy of the magazine with all her pictures changed so she was fully clothed!