Fun Facts on Minolo Blanik Shoes

Manolo Blahnik is one of the most prominent shoes designers in the entire world. His shoes came into view and gained popularity with the hit television show Sex and The City. The company was founded in 1973. There are flagship stores in London and Chelsea. The retail range for the shoes is anywhere from $400 to thousands of dollars. The very first shoe shop was in London. In 1978 the company began to design shoes for Bloomingdales Department Store. Manolo’s usually come with a stiletto heel. Some of the shoes are five and half inches tall and decorated with beads, laces and ribbons.Manolo Blahnik was born Santa Cruz de la Palma and lived in the Canary Islands and was raised on a banana plantation. He opened his first store in 1973 after buying out the Zapata shoe store in London.

He was actually awarded an honorary title on the Queen’s Birthday list as Commander of the British Empire for his service to British fashion! The company made many shoes for the stars and one was Sarah Jessica Parker for Sex in The City. Manolo Blahnik made the cobalt blue shoe to match Sarah’s eyes! The designer only has two stores, one in London and one in New York! Manolo’s shoes are all about sex appeal! Manolo started as a photographer and was friends with Paloma Picasso and the photographer Eric Boman. His shoes were worn by Bianca Jagger for her entrance to studio 54. They were worn by Princess Dianna when she found out about the infidelity. Madonna has said the shoes are better than sex and last longer! In 1974 Minolo Blanik renamed the stiletto and called it a “needle.”

The shoes in the movies were actually called the fifth character! The blue shoes that Carrie wore were a staggering $885 dollars! Styles like the platform wedge are sold out and other shoes like the gold criss cross are very popular! Model Jerry Hall collects Manolo Blahnik shoes. She has at least 35o pairs costing a total of $300,000! She says one pair will cost her 1,800! However, these shoes are in fact the sexier shoes a woman can every wear! The rise of Manolo Blahnik on HBO made it okay for women to start pinning large flower corsages on their dresses and jackets. Manolo loves Carrie Bradshaw so much that he calls her his muse!