Fun Facts on Dogs

The dog was one of the first domesticated animals. They can be tracked back 40 million years to a weasel like animal called the Miacis that dwelled in trees and dens. Ancient Egyptians worshiped their dogs so much that they shaved their eyebrows, smeared mud in their hair and mourned for days! You could find the word, “mosaics” meaning “Beware of the Dog” on doorsteps in ancient Rome. The first dog show was held in Britain in 1859. People in Ancient China would stay warm by carrying toy breeds in their sleeves.

The smallest dog was a Yorkshire terrier that was 2/12 inches high at the shoulder. The heaviest dog recorded weighed in at 319 pounds. The oldest dog died at the age of 29. The tallest dog was a Great Dane who stood at a whopping 41 inches. The first creature sent into space was a female dog named Laika by the USSR in 1957! The famous Rock Star Ozzy Osbourne actually tackled a coyote after it attacked the families Pomeranian.

There are actually six different types of Dachshunds. The British bred Basset Hounds have short legs so hunters could keep up with them! The Basenji from Africa is also known as the bark less dog because it yodels instead! The Springer Spaniel got its name from being able to startle and spring at game. Chow Chows have a weird blue almost black tongue. The Great Dane is actually the national dog of Germany. The Kopmondor and Pulli have coats that are made up of cords that are formed when the outer and inner coats cling together.

Of course we all know and love the Chihuahua and it is the smallest breed in the world. The Pekingese was so popular and special in China that common folks were forbidden to own one. The Labrador retriever is a loyal dog but was originally bred to retrieve fishing nets. In the 19th century Dalmatians defended the carriages against thieves and kept animals away from the horses. The breed Siberian husky has been used to herd reindeer in Siberia for 3000 years!

Dogs have sweat glands in their feet and have three eyelids. The third lid is called a nictitating membrane or “haw” and keeps the eye lubricated and protected. Dog’s shoulder blades are not attached to the rest of the skeleton for flexibility. Puppies will sometimes be shunned by their mother when they are cleaned before the mother gets to see them. Dogs with short faces like pugs usually die earlier then dogs with longer noses and faces.