Fun Facts on Diamonds

One percent of women will never wear a diamond of one carat or more. The word carat is thought to come from the Carab Bean- it was an ancient unit of weight. Diamonds were first mined in the country of India over 2,800 years ago. Ancient Greeks believed diamonds were splinters of stars fallen to earth! Diamonds melting point is 4,000 degrees centigrade. Israel’s total export earnings at 25% come from diamonds. The largest diamond ever found weighed in at 3106 carats! The reason an engagement ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand dates way back to Egyptian times. They believed that the vein of love ran directly from the heart to the top of the third finger.

The diamond is the hardest substance in the earth and resists scratches. However, it is also very brittle. South Africa is the major producer of diamonds. 65% of the total quantity of diamonds came from this country. Diamonds contain carbon which is also found in lead pencils and charcoal. It is usually colorless and like a crystal one and shaped like a round pyramid. The biggest rough diamond extracted is over three thousand one hundred carats. It was found in a mind in Africa in 1905. Diamonds existed over three billion years ago! The recent ones are around a hundred million year old! There are diamonds that are extra terrestrial. This means that they were formed by an asteroid impact. They are called carbonado. The majority of diamonds are used in the industry and a minority are set in jewelery.

Long ago you could only find diamonds in riverbanks. The Romans used to wear diamonds as talismans to protect them from evil spirits. In the 13th century France had a law that only kings could wear diamonds! Diamonds are the best tool for cutting glasses. Diamonds were used as windows in spacecrafts because they withstood the extreme temps and acidic conditions. The diamond industry has made it possible for children in the world to have an education up to the age of 13. In India, one million people are employed in the diamond industry. You can tell a fake diamond because it is heavier than a real one! You can also test using the fog test. A fake diamond doesn’t repel heat right away like a real one. There are different colors and kinds of diamonds.