Fun Facts on Columbia

Bogota D.C. is the capital city of Columbia. The population is around 45 million. Ninety percent are Roman Catholic. It was founded with the name “Santa Fe,” by Santafe de Bogota in honour of the Bacata Indians.The Condor is the animal that represents Columbia. The second largest city is Cali, like California. Columbia’s main river is the Magdalena. The currency is the Peso. There are 32 states in Columbia. Colombians love soccer and have been in the World Cup four times.The world mass of emeralds come from this country. In fact they produce the rarest and most expensive emeralds in the world as well. Columbia has 3, 500 orchid species, 1, 754 bird species. Of the worlds coffee 12% is produced in Columbia. What you may not know is that Columbia is the worlds third leading producer for women lingerie. Apparently, Colombians are the second happiest people in the world. Of course they are happy, living a simple life in a beautiful atmosphere! Columbia is so close to the equator that it gets sun all year round. No depression there!

Colombian food is as diverse as the people. You can find food from Italy, Spain, France, America and the Caribbean as well as some native dishes. There can be a lot of rain in Columbia. In fact at Choco in the pacific region it rains 10.000mm a year! There is an underground church in Columbia that was made in a salt mine. In the jungles there lives the Golden Arrow frog that is poisonous. The poison can kill 1500 people! Columbia is the first Latin American producer of gold, silver, coal and ferronickel. The Sierra Nevada mountain is the largest in the world. It reaches above sea to a height of 5.778 mts above sea level. There is vast transportation methods in Columbia. There are small taxis, buses and cars and bikes. Some people still even use horse drawn carriages. In fact, every Sunday a large street closes down so people can bike. People in Columbia must be fertile. Their population actually doubles every 22 years! As far as reptiles, the most powerful electric eel is found in the rivers of Columbia.

There are 80 indigenous tribes in Columbia who speak 64 languages. Unfortunately, Columbia population is poor with almost 60% below the poverty line! It is the worlds biggest grower of the coca plant and produces
545 metric tons of cocaine each year!

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  1. Hey… interesting article BUT… two things: it´s COLOMBIA not Columbia!!! and second of all Cali is not the second largest city in Colombia, is the third! the second one is Medellín!!…. :D Hope it will be useful to you!!! I´m a Colombian and enjoy reading about it!!!


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