Fun Facts on Clorox

The company’s original name was The Electro-Alkaline Company. In 1913, the bleach was offered in five gallon crockery jugs for industrial concerns such as laundries, breweries etc. It was delivered by horse and wagon to customers in San Francisco and used as a bleach, stain remover, deodorant and disinfectant. It has even been called a “miracle in a bottle.” Clorox actually made an appearance in the movie Million Dollar Baby when actor Morgan Freeman’s character discusses how he prefers the bleach over others. From 1920 to 1960 the spokesman was an animated bleach bottle named “Butch”!

Over the years the company has had some well known stars in their ads like Joan Rivers, Johnny Cash, Rodney Dangerfield, Sally Kellerman and Bob Knight. During the early years bleach competitors came and went like four ox and Lorox which tried to imitate Clorox while others like Hypochlorite actually bottled their product in second-hand Clorox bleach bottles. Today eight out of ten American households use Clorox bleach. It is the number of Kingsford briquettes’ sold in a year if they were laid end to end and would circle the globe 31 times. The Clorox companies’ first acquisition was The Jiffee Chemical Corporation which manufactured Liquid Plumber products in 1969.

William A Moss who was like the V.P. in those days was a loyal Clorox employee. He carved the annual Thanksgiving turkey and drove the company Buick 18,000 miles in four months to sign up distributors and open new markets. All this in an era with no interstate highways! Clorox set up a website with the help of consultants to create ads and messaging to educate consumers about the product and its uses. It has a couple of websites one which lets consumers know that the bleach has no mercury which was thought previously. Clorox have used stars like NBA’s Grant Hill to discuss how bleach can kill staph infections and kills fungus and how it saved frogs that were threatened by fungus.

In 1954, a half gallon of Clorox Bleach cost nineteen cents! That is amazing! The great thing about Clorox bleach is that it disinfects everything and anything from garbage pails to cutting boards so it is a very popular substance. You can now find Clorox in different scents but that also cuts down on the strength of the bleach itself. Clorox is so popular they even put it in pen form for travel and portable capability.