Fun Facts about Zebras


One simple fact about Zebras not many people know is they are directly related to the horse genus and not the donkey one. They are elegant creatures, peaceful and interesting creatures. Here are a few unknown facts about them.

  • The etymology of the word Zebra is strangely unknown; it was first recorded in Italy in the 1500s and also appeared in some Portuguese texts. Some believe the word to be from a Congolese dialect.  Its meaning is supposedly wild horse or untamed.
  • Many people would question the reason of the Zebras stripes, like most animals that is for camouflage, although this may not seem the case for Zebras but it is. The black and white strips meshes well in deadwood or wooded areas. There also many other theories behind the stripes, their main predators, lions and tigers are color blind, so their color from a far blends into a gray. Also in a herd their stripes blend even more. This might also seem strange but each zebra have different stripes pattern and they can recognize each other that way. Stripes size and length may also indicate a powerful male and weaker male.
  • Even if their stripes can sometimes be a hindrance, zebras have excellent senses all around, they have amazing eyesight and great field of vision. They also have good hearing and night vision too.
  • Their movement is good just because they are from the horse family but they cannot match the speed of a fully grown horse although have better stamina due to their size.
  • Their fur is mostly used to endure massive amounts of heat since they stay mostly out in the open to feed and in herds.
  • When mating Zebras will normally stay forever with that partner until death then move on to another mate if still young. Even different families of Zebras will look out for each other; the communal bond of the zebra is really a big part of their lives.

Those were some interesting facts about the zebra.