Fun Facts about World Wonders

World wonders are the highest achievements of human creativity and human invention. They are so unique that most people will atleast dream to see one of them in the flesh.

World wonders are a things that keep changing since there are so many wonders on this earth. They have to be voted in and sometimes their beauty fades because of time or human activity. Here are a few facts about the world wonders that were and are.

Mount Everest is known as the sommet of the earth, the most treacherous mountain with the highest peak. But there is a time of the year where it is surpassed by it’s neighbour K2. During the spring, because of the heavy rain on the k2 area, k2’s peak because higher than Everest itself but this lasts only a few weeks every year.

The Taj Mahal, one of the most beautiful structures made by man and certainly the most beautiful in the east. The Taj Mahal was built as a tomb for a queen by his king. A sad structure but it has brought happiness to many who’ve seen it. In 1830 the taj mahal was scheduled to be demolished but after many attempts it eventually failed. Many believe this to be only a myth and not actually a true statement. But even in recent times there have been some murmurs of the demolition of taj mahal by some Indian Ministers.

The Niagara falls is one of the most astonishing sites in the Northern hemisphere. It falls short of being the tallest in the continent to the Angels Falls and not by a small margin. Angel Falls is nearly 20 times larger than Niagara. Truly a site to see. The Angel Falls is given the name after the US aviator, Jimmy Angels who was the first person to fly over it. His ashes were spread over the mighty waterfall. A while later, former president Hugo Chavez was about to change the name to something more indeginious but decidied against it.

The San Diego zoo isn’t just like any other zoo. It is a modern wonder in it’s own right.It was the first zoo to remove cages and install open door inhibitations for it’s animals. It also has the largest collection of animals for any zoo. Also for a long time the zoo was free for children under 16 which is no longer possible due to the zoo’s incredible popularity.

Talking of modern marvels, the Empire State building was one of the most expansive buildings ever, it costed 40 million in 1931 when it was first completed. It was made by more than 10 million bricks.