Fun Facts about Wolverines

Among the smaller mammals are some of the most interesting and unique animals on the planet. One of them is the wolverine and yes the comic book character is based on this small bear-like animal. People don’t know much about them because they live in the isolated parts of nature. Hopefully you learn something’s about them today.

  • Like stated before the wolverine looks like a bear and is even in some places called a skunk bear, but it’s a species of weasel rather than bear.
  • Wolverines also like to live in a large area of land mostly for hunting thus they are rarely seen near human habitations.
  • Wolverines will hunt for small animals, rodents and even weakened/old caribous. They will also sometimes eat vegetables if prey is hard to find.
  • Wolverine are extremely territorial and solitary, if they see another predatory they will fight it or chase it out no matter what. There is even footage of one fighting a big black bear.
  • Other people believe it’s more related to a wolf rather than a bear but that’s also false.
  • They have big sharp teeth and also very dangerous claws. They use them for hunting/climbing and much more.
  • A male wolverine is said to have many wives, when mating is done the male won’t help the female raise the child.
  • The wolverine will always be alone and constantly moving, their dens are also hard to find. They never even stay with their own kind.
  • The wolverine was once hunted because of it’s fur but that practice has long since stopped.
  • The wolverine lives primarily in the northern parts of Canada, the boreal forest and Alaskan wild areas.
  • The wolverine will mark its lands with urine to war predators and other wolverines.

Those were some facts about the wolverine, hopefully you learned something about this great animal.