Fun Facts About Vultures

Another animal that is largely misunderstood and portrayed negatively. Not only do all animals have an important role in the ecosystem but understanding why they do is important too. The vulture is a big great bird and here are some interesting facts about it.


  • First things first, their are two types of vultures with a total 27 sub species. There is the Old War vulture and the New World vulture; the names indicate their continental locations. The vulture species is present in every continent expect Antarctica and Australia. It loves to live in open country land or near mountainous areas, they prefer to stay away from humid places like forested areas.
  • Many scientists believe the New World vulture is from another ancestry line and perhaps a completely different species than the Old World vulture.  One of the main reasons being, the vultures of Europe and Asia have very strong raptor like feet but the ones of America have weak chicken like feet.
  • The vultures has a large diet, carrion, eggs, insects and scavenge the carcasses.
  • The vulture has gained a bad in culture because of its scavenging abilities, people will often call another person a vulture when they prey on the weak.
  • The vulture can barely make any sound, it will sometimes hiss when threatened and make another noises when mating.
  • In Ancient Egypt, vultures were loved because of their wide wingspan(32inch), it was said with their wings open it looked as if they would embrace you.
  • The turkey vulture is known to vomit when attacked, there are two reasons for this, if the vulture is eating and is full, flying can be hard with all that food. Alas they vomit it out and fly away. There is also a possibility they vomit it so the predator doesn’t pursue them and takes the free meal.
  • The turkey vulture is named as such because from toe to neck it looks like any other vulture, large black feathered bird with a long neck although it’s face resembles a turkey.
  • The turkey vulture is only found in the Americas and is very common. It also have another weird habit of urinating on its legs. This is mostly done to cool off in warm days and kill certain bacteria.
  • The vulture is born completely white with a black face.
  • Unlike many of the other vultures, the turkey vulture has a surprisingly good sense of smell so it relies less on its great eyesight than most other vultures.
  • One of the most known view of a vulture is when it’s circling above a dead prey but it doesn’t always mean something is dead. Sometimes they will be actually looking for food, if they find it they will circle above it, till it’s safe to land.


Those were a few facts about the misunderstood vultures. Hope you learned something about them and enjoyed it.