Fun Facts About Tigers

The creature use to roam over most parts of the world but now it is only found in some parts of Asia and Africa. Here are some facts about this great animal.

-Tigers are the biggest of all the wild cats.

-Tigers are in the top of their food chain, meaning they have no natural predators.

-The tigers at start had 8 species but three of them have been extinct, the last one being the Javan in the 1980s.

-The South China Tiger is suppose to be the first of all the modern tigers.

-The South China Tiger is one of the most endangered animals in the world, there were said to be only 20 in the wild the last time they were checked. But there are about 60 in all of the Chinese zoo’s.

-A tiger in the wild lives for about 10 or 15 years but one living in a human reserve lives up to 20 years.

-The heaviest tiger ever found on earth was a Siberian that weighted 465 kilos.

-The Bengal Tiger species are the least endangered, but researchers believe that their only 6000 tigers of all species in the wild.

-Why are tigers licking themselves so often ? Cause the Saliva helps them clean their wounds.

-The tiger marks it’s surroundings with urine to mark it’s territory. It helps warn other male tigers but helps other females who wants to mate.

-A tiger will roam the frontiers of it’s land more than once a day.

-Tiger stripes as very unique, as the human finger print.

-The Tiger has it’s stripes for camouflage.

-Tigers can go without a meal for 2, 3days.

-Tigers can swim, specially to cool off.

-A Tiger cub can gain as much as 100 gram of weight a day.

-The cubs like to fight  each other but it helps them become better hunters.

-The cub makes it’s first kill by it self , around 18 months in.

-The tiger only has one predator, The Man.

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