Fun Facts About The Ivory Coast

The Ivory Coast is a country in the West Coast of the African continent, it has Ghana to it’s east, Burkina Faso to it’s northeast, Liberia to it’s southwest, Guinea to it’s northwest and Mali to it’s north. Mali and Burkina Faso are the only ones it has trade relations with. The country is known for it’s Ivory and Cocoa, so here are some ore facts about it.

  • Before The Ivory Coast became a french colony it was separated into three regions Gyaaman, Kong Empire and Baoulé.
  • Still to this day the country is mostly composed by these ethnics.
  • The country still holds ties with France, who formerly controlled it.
  • The country has a debt of 13 billion because of all the political crises it went through.
  • Most people in the Ivory Coast live near the beaches and coastlines of the country, while some live in the forested areas.
  • 17 million people live in the Ivory Coast, with birth average of 4 per women and literacy rate of over 50% .
  • French is the official language but there are many local dialects.
  • Cannabis is the most common drug in the Ivory Coast, though to be a gift by the gods, only thought by the locals.
  • The Ivory has three different seasons, temperature don’t vary to much but the humidity does a lot.
  • There are three major beliefs, Catholic, Muslim and native religions.
  • The Ivory Coast is among the world’s largest producers of cocoa, coffee beans and palm oil.
  • The Ivory Coast is known to be a country that loves Soccer, this can be seen by it’s great soccer team that has reached the world cup twice in recent years.
  • Abidjan is where most countries hold their embassies, it’s the most famous and tourist attractive city of the Ivory Coast because it has tons of beach and festivals.
  • But the capital is Yamoussoukro, which is more up north and in the center of the country.

There are many other fun facts about the Ivory Coast but these are the most interesting ones, you can always visit the embassy of the country in your country and find out more about it.

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