Fun Facts about Tasmanian Devils

The Tasmanian devils, if that name doesn’t strike fear, I don’t know what does. They are one of the most aggressive creatures on earth, that’s not the only reason they are called devils. In this piece we will find about this Australian beast.

  • Tasmanian devils are the size of a small dog and have black fur with some markings on it.
  • The devils are named in such way because of their screech and screams when eating.
  • The devils also use a foul odor to keep away predators when eating or threatened by a large animal.
  • One of it’s most amazing ability’s is it’s bite force, which is amazingly strong for a thing so small.
  • A form of cancer has hit the devils in recent years, which totally deforms it’s face and prevents it from surviving properly. Officials have started to track every individual in case of infection.
  • The devil will eat most carcasses and prefers to scavenge rather than hunt.
  • The devils use to live in mainland Australia, their only habitat but since have been extinct because of hunting. Now live in the Tasmanian Island.
  • If held tightly the Devil will not attack the human but keeping them as domesticated animals is impossible.
  • The devil has also controlled the population of other mammals in the island from exploding. It’s decline is seen as a problem to that, the emergence of another species in the island could greatly alter the ecological state of the island.
  • During reproduction the male will try to stay with the female to try and prevent her from reproducing with another male.
  • To win the favor of a female, males will fight it out and sometimes the female will be selective if the male looks weak.
  • When nervous and fearful, the devil shows its strongest attribute, its teeth. It will hold out its mouth wide upon until the predator leaves or decides otherwise.


Those were a few facts about the devils, surely you will be careful when you see one next.