Fun Facts about Starbucks

We are all familiar with the term, “Cup of Joe.” But many of us don’t know where it originated. It originally started in World War II when the American military name the G.I. Joes the big coffee drinkers in the nation. The first coffee shop was in Italy in 1683. The company has an annual growth of 25% since 1993. Currently there are 11,000 stores and there is long term growth planned for 30,000 more stores. There are actually five new stores opening every day. Starbucks serves around 40 million customers a week.

They offer health insurance to all their employees including the part-timers. The company is less than one-third the size of Pepsi and Coke. The company has $6.3 billion in annual sales. They have higher sales per square foot than McDonalds. A typical customer to Starbucks stops by 18 times a month! The company name came from the Starbuck Captain Ahab’s first mate on the ship in Herman Melville’s classic 1851 novel Moby Dick. The first store was opened in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market in 1971. It was set up by two local Seattle teachers and a writer and was called Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spices.

The company is so popular that Playboy magazine is working on a Women of Starbucks issue. Did you know that Starbucks is a non-political organization and does not support or engage in political or religious causes or activities? Allegations that Starbucks supports the Israeli government are false! It was thought that the Starbucks log represented Esther from the Old Testament. The Starbucks logo is based on a 16th century Norse woodcut a two tailed mermaid encircled by the stores original name.

The mermaid reflects the seafaring origins of the coffee traders of old. Starbucks uses its 2,500 employees at the company headquarters as taste-testers for the newest drinks. From 2000 to 2005, Starbucks tripled its U.S. store count from 2,700 to 7,500. Starbucks has decided to team up with SNL and will be uniting to sell the DVD to the public and it will be the only place you can buy this DVD set. It will be the first time that NBC Universal Television Distribution has created and marketed the exclusive release for any retailer.

So what could be the next big selling product for Starbucks? Unfortunately, Starbucks has become greedy. They charge too much for their drinks, coffees and espressos and don’t want the Ethiopian coffee workers to make a decent wage!

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  1. I read your facts, I would recommend doing more research as the information you put out here in 2009 is information that was common knowledge in 2006. The verbiage on here is almost the same as the website I was looking at that was posted in 2006.

    This was a poorly written piece of information, no transition between both the sentences and paragraphs, your conclusion had nothing to do with anything you talked about.

    I have four recommendations for you. 1. get more up-to date facts and information do more research. 2. Take an English and writing class.

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