Fun Facts About Soccer

In the US and Canada it is known as soccer, but everywhere else it is known as football. The world’s sport, the people’s sport. Here are some facts about it.

-The fact that soccer is so famous and liked, is that you can play on any kind of surface (except on thin ice), thats why so many people around the world play it.

-Angola, one of the ten most poor countries of the world and the most least advanced in education qualified in the 2006 world cup.

-The most watched event on tv is the world cup that happens each 4 year. Billions of people turn on to watch their teams.

-The world cup has been hosted in every continent since it’s start except Antartica. (Technically it hasn’t been hosted yet in Africa but the 2010 world cup will be in South Africa).

-The oldest club in football is Sheffield FC they were founded in 1857, the club resides in South Yorkshire.

-The first international match was played between Scotland and England in Glasglow, Scotland. It ended in a draw and had about 4,000 spectators. Since 1872 (when the first national match was played) to 1999, these to countries played each other 110 times.