Fun Facts About Rice

Rice is a staple of human nutrition, it is one of the most consumed foods in the world. Just by numbers it is probably the highest because of the strong rice culture in highly populated countries such as China and India. Both those countries are also the main producers of rice thus it being so cheap and popular there. Rice is also one of the most ancient parts of human diet, historians suggest it being more than 5000 years old with first use being located in China. In China, the word for rice is the same word for food that’s how ingrained it is in their food culture. Why is rice so popular? It might have something to do with the variety of rice producible. Nearly all the countries that produce rice have their own variety, there is the Chinese black rice, Thai rice, Basmati rice from India and many more from a whole list of other countries. ┬áNot only rice is so variable but it can be eaten along with anything, from veggies to meat to grains. In most Asian countries rice is the most eaten food, in Burma the average person will consume over 230 kg of rice per year. Because of rice’s popularity in densely populated countries it is the main food source for more than half of the earth’s population. Rice not only feeds people but it gives them work, for example in Thailand rice creates more than 50% of the labor workforce. Despite rice not being as popular in the West as in the East, it is growing in demand around the world because of it’s relatively cheap price and fulling appetite. Rice’s cultivation is fairly simple, it is harvested once a year and requires lots of rainfall. Rice seeds require lots of water to grow, rice growth requires lots of labor and water. Despite its labor intensive requirements rice is the second most produced food after corn(maize). Those were some fun facts about rice.