Fun Facts about Reebok

Reeboks are a British brand of athletic footwear. It was founded in 1895. The name was found in a dictionary and won in a race by the found Joe Foster as a boy. It traces its origins to a spiked running shoe created in the 1800’s. J.W. Fosters shoe was so popular that he created a company. By 1979 Reeboks were officially introduced to the United States. It grew in popularity with the Freestyle Athletic shoe designed for aerobics. The founder of Reebok is Joseph William Foster. The original name of the company was Mercury Sports. Reebok was purchased by Adidas in 2005. The official sponsor is the National Football League. The brand has been worn by famous runner like Harold Abram and Eric Liddell in the 1924 Olympics. They are the official shoe supplier for the NFL and Major League Baseball. The company also endorses individual athletes including Allen Iverson.

One of the most famous shoes was the Reebok pump. The shoes were introduced in the late 80’s and included an air bladder that could be pumped up with air for a snugger fit. They became a fashion statement in the early 90’s. Reebok signed Yao Ming in 2003. It was the first time they had won an endorsement battle against Nike. Reebok almost signed Lebron James to a $75 million contract until Nike got him for $90 million! Reebok spent $25 million promoting the Dan vs. Dave decathlon battle. Reebok signed Allen Iverson to a lifetime contract in 2001. He gets $7 million a year! Reebok distributed charm bracelets with children’s shoes that were laced with lead! Now they have to pay $1 million dollar fine.

Now Reebok is trying to strive ahead of the competition again with a running shoe that will let you work out while just wearing it. The easy tone shoe will work your legs without that trek to the gym. Reebok is in actuality a subsidiary of Adidas. The name actually comes from the Afrikaans spelling of Reebok a type of African antelope or gazelle. The company began in the United Kingdom. Reebok is also branching out into board games shoes! It is inspired by the Monopoly game and will feature dice, tokens chance and community chest cards, houses and hotels etc. There will be detail on the laces, lace lock, prints, colours and overall design element.