Fun Facts About Real Madrid

Call it what you want, football or soccer but I will call it by the name it’s known throughout the world. Football.. It is considered the world’s sport, it can be played on any kind of field as long as you have a goal and a ball.

There is two formats of this sport, the International stage, where countries play each other, such competitions as the Euro(2008), World Cup(2006). They happen each 4 years from their last event. So the next euro would be 2012 and the next world cup would be this year, 2010. There are more international cups..

But in this post we will be focusing on a club, a club represents a certain place, a city, province, state.

If you follow any league or football at all, you should know the team Real Madrid.

Full name: Real Madrid Club De Futbol.

-Founded In 1902 by the British Embassy.

– Nicknames for the club include, Los Merengues(the whites for their white shirts), Los Blancos(Whites), Los Madridistas, Los Vikingos.

-The club has one the best histories in European Football, Fifa considered it the club of the 20th centuary.

-The club has won a record number of La Liga(spanish league) titles, 31 times no other team in Spain comes close. They also have won the Copa Del Rey 19 times. This is the only competition where their rivals Barcelona hold more trophies.

– From 1960 to 1965 they won the league 5 times in a row, no one in Spain has achieved that feat yet.

– A Harvard study proved that Real Madrid was the most popular club in the world with 228 million supporters and Manchester United in second place with 116 million supporters.

– When in 1931 Real won their first league title they didn’t get even one defeat, though it was a smaller competition then.

-Their main rivals are Barcelona, whom they share a rivalry more deeper then just about football, even politics, loyalty to the crown etc..

-They also have city rivals, Atletico Madrid, though they are considerably less successful. In recent years they have played other teams from Madrid, Getafe, Alcorcon who recently defeated Los Blancos 4-1 in the King’s Cup.

-Real Madrid were also the founder of G-14 a UEFA org with all the top clubs invited to the discussions.

-Real Madrid play Barcelona twice each year in the League, it is one of biggest events in all of Spain, it’s called El Classico, Real Madrid hold the biggest which came in 43, 11-1.

-The current stadium was opened in 1947 but has been slowly modified in modern times. When it was opened, the media called the best stadium in Europe. The first man to score a goal in it was Barinaga, who once scored 68 goals in 13 games.  Considered one of the Madrid legends, he had a great spirit and nice eye for the goal.

-Real Madrid are the richest club in the world and the most valuable.

-In 50s Madrid had one of the best teams in Europe, they had a philosophy of bringing international starts and blending them with home grown talent.  Alfredo Di Stefano was one of the first ever starts brought by Santiago Bernabeu, the stadium was later named after this chairman.

-The stadium holds a crowd of 80,000 people but sometimes many more can fit in, like in a Copa Del Rey tie in 2006 when 83,329 people appeared in the stands. It’s located in Chamartin, Madrid..

-Only Spanish citizens have been able to run as president for the club.

-Di Stefano was called the Blonde Arrow for his amazing speed, he is sometimes considered the best, Maradonna considers him better then himself and Pele. Di Stefano was also successful as coach of Madrid.

-When Spain was under the Franco regime, Real Madrid was his favorite side, he wanted them to win everything, he gave them a lot of resources. Barcelona who are a side of Catalonia opposed the dictator. When these sides met it led to fierce encounters and still does to some extent, even today.

-Their biggest European final win was 7-3 vs Frankfurt.

-They have won the champions league, the most important club competition more then anyone, a grand total of 9 times. They are currently very hunger for the 10th.

-There have been a few players who have played for Barca and Real, in recent times, Saviola, Ronaldo(Brazil), Figo come to mind, but Stefano the greatest Madridista was once about to play for Barcelona.

-Sanchis held the previous record of most club appearances but recently honor has been Raul’s.

-Raul also holds other numerous record, the current Madrid captain, is the m player with the most appearances in La Liga. Has the most goals in the champions league competition, has the record for most goals for a madrid player. Surpassing Stefano not long ago.. He also has the record for most goals for the international team of Spain.

The club has many more records and feats but these are few of the remarkable ones.

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  1. That comment about Franco is not true. It is a myth. Franco got two awards from Barcelona football club while he got nothing from Real Madrid. Spanish dictatorship never was a Real Madrid fan but they welcomed Real Madrid success in Europe, Barcelona on the other hand won more trophies in Spain during the dictatorship.

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