Fun Facts about Rabbits

A male rabbit is called a “buck.” A female is called a “doe.” A baby rabbit is a “kit. The babies are referred to as a litter. Rabbit’s teeth never stop growing. Rabbits can be litter trained! Rabbits are lagomorphs and not rodents. Bunnies will be weaned at 8 weeks. Adults can weigh between 2 to 20lbs depending on the breed. Rabbits will purr like a cat. Domesticated rabbits are born without any fur and their eyes don’t open until they are 2 weeks old. Rabbits are one animal that can’t vomit. Rabbits need hay to assist in the digestive system and prevent fur balls in their stomachs. A group is called a herd. Babies get fed 5 minutes a day.

Rabbit meat is actually lower in fat, cholesterol and calories than chicken, pork and beef. Rabbit meat is all white meat! If you have rabbit droppings they are great for your garden as fertilizer. Rabbits have around 28 teeth. A four pound rabbit can drink as much water as a 20 pound dog. Bunnies love to chew. Rabbits don’t hibernate. They can jump 36” and higher. Rabbits can suffer heat stroke if left in the sun too long. Rabbits can see behind them but have a blind spot right in front of their faces. If rabbits are very happy they will jump and twist. This is called a “binky.”
Rabbits will start breeding at 3-4 months of age. If predators are around rabbits they can literally scare them to death! The females will pull fur to help build their nest. The females can actually have false pregnancies. Rabbits like to stay clean and like cats they will groom themselves. Domesticated rabbits can’t be bred with wild rabbits. Rabbits only sweat through the pads on their feet. Rabbits will eat their own night droppings called cecotropes. The largest litter recorded was in 1978 and 1999 where the litter was 24 babies.

The longest living rabbit was 19 years old. Rabbits have 18 toenails: 4 on each back foot and 5 on each of the front. Rabbits have tiny “peg” tooth behind each incisor. The smallest rabbit bred in North America is the Pygmy or Little Idaho rabbit. It weighs less than one pound. There are actually over 150 different rabbit coat colors and five are eye colors. President Lincoln allowed his sons to keep pets in the White House and some were rabbits. Rabbits tend to be most active at dawn and dusk.