Fun Facts about Quitting Smoking

You probably already know that quitting smoking is definitely a good idea from a health perspective. In order to give you some more angles on this topic however, here are 7 fun and interesting facts about quitting that you may find intriguing or even surprising. These facts are all well supported by studies and experimental evidence.


It has been shown that simply focusing on quitting smoking increases your chances of successfully quitting. The more you focus on this outcome, and the more intense that focus is, the higher the odds of your dropping the habit will be. This stands to reason in many ways, but it’s nice to know that there is experimental evidence to back this up.

Avoiding Cues to Smoke

Avoiding the typical cues to smoke – others lighting up, having a smoke in the car as you turn in the radio, and a routine in which you tend to have cigarettes at certain times – increases the odds of your quitting. You can try things like changing around your usual routine, leaving the room when someone else lights a smoke, and so on to avoid having familiar things cue you on to smoke.


The more strategies you employ to help you quit smoking the greater your likelihood of quitting. You can consult a bunch of different sources that offer quit smoking advice and select several strategies to employ. You might, for instance, use an E cigarette, employ some focusing and affirmation techniques, and avoid some smoking cues. These techniques all in conjunction with each other would make it more likely that you would quit than trying each of the techniques on their own (though that, of course, could work as well).


Exercise has been shown to go hand in hand with successful attempts to quit smoking. So you might add a regular workout each morning or every other morning to the set of strategies you are employing (as mentioned above). This will tend to encourage other goals and values than just getting to the next cigarette.

Quitting Makes you Sexy

There is a lot of evidence to support the fact that quitting smoking makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. These are only statistical averages based on people that are surveyed and so forth, and some may find smoking attractive, but the weight of the evidence points to the fact that the majority of people find a non smokers to be the sexy.

Heart Disease Risk Reduction

Risk of heart disease beyond the ordinary non smoker averages has been shown to reduce by a half after you have quit smoking for just one year. It continues to decrease as more time passes. There are still other considerations such as diet and the amount of exercise you get that play into the overall heart disease risk, but quitting smoking puts you at a great advantage here.

Expectant Mothers

Expectant mothers can reduce their risk of their baby’s experiencing perception, motor control, and attention problems by quitting smoking. This is a sure motivator as regards quitting to anyone who cares about the health and well being of a newborn.