Fun Facts About Paraguay

The nation that has many things, especially soy beans. So if you’re eating soy beans they probably come from Paraguay as they are the biggest exporter of that. Here are some other interesting facts about Paraguay…

  • Paraguay got it’s independence in 1811, may the 14th.
  • Before it was colonized by the Spanish, the land was ruled by an old tribe, which called it self, the Guarani.
  • The name of the country comes from that of a river, a river that splits the country into two, the west and east.
  • The majority of the population live in the East, over 90%, 2% or 3% live in the west.
  • Asuncion, is the capital of the country, it’s name is the word assumption in Spanish, it is also the biggest city of the country. Not often is the capital the biggest city but in this case yes.
  • The capital was founded by Spanish Adventurer and explorer Juan de Salazar y Espinoza.
  • Guarani and Spanish are the official languages.
  • The name of their currency is Guarani.
  • The literacy rate in Paraguay is 94 which is considered excellent.
  • Most of the population is Catholic.
  • Paraguay is also one of the world’s most homogeneous countries, this means that most of the people are from one same ethnic. In Paraguay that ethnic is Mestizo, which is a mix of native and Spanish, it consists 95% of the population.
  • Paraguay’s law system is a mix of Roman Law, Argentine and French codes.
  • The Pantanal is the largest freshwater wetland   in the world, it has parts in many countries, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay.
  • Paraguay is also the largest exporter of Hydroelectricity in the world.