Fun Facts About Olympique Lyonnais

French football is considered one of the best in all Europe, they always have players from all over the world, Brazil, African Nations and many more. On top of that they now have been producing great home grown talent. Here is a few facts about France’s greatest Club, OL, Olympique Lyonnais.

  • Nicknames include : Les Gones, Lyon and OL.
  • Founded in 1899.
  • Their stadium is in Lyon and is called the Stade Gerland.
  • It was first apart of the Lyon Olympique Universitaire but then the association got split in two.
  • In 1964, after they changed their association, they won their first title by defeating Bordeaux, 2-1, it was the Cup Of France.
  • It took 29 years for them to get relegated from ligue 1, in 1983, they stayed there till 1987.
  • Current Chair Jean Michel Aulas took over in 1987, he wanted to get European qualification in 5 years,  in 1989 they came back into the Ligue 1. After three years there they finished in the 5rd spot. Which was enough to get them into the Champions League of that year, 1993.
  • They got second place in the league in 1995 and several good games in the Uefa Cup. This lead to French company Pathe investing €15million in the club, taking control of 34% of it.
  • In 1999, Sonny Anderson was brought to the club, from Barcelona, The Brazilian helped the club win their first league title in 2002.
  • They had won that season by only a point but after that season they won each league season till 08/09 in which Bordeaux won the league, Lyon finishing 3rd, 9 points behind Bordeaux.
  • They have also been featured regularly in the Champions League, going as far as the quarter finals in 2001.
  • Their classical rivals are AS Saint Etienne, because in the 60s Etienne was one of the finest clubs in Europe and the world. The only club coming close to them was Real Madrid at the time. They dominated the French League and Europe..The club’s city are separated by only 50miles. When Etienne was winning titles Lyon was struggling and now Etienne is struggling and Lyon winning, though the rivalry has still been fierce as ever.
  • Lyon do have other rivals, like Marseille mainly because they were one of the teams to pressure Lyon during their reign in this decade, PSG, Bordeaux would be also considered rivals.