Fun Facts About Olympique De Marseille

The most successful club in all of France, one of the powerhouses of football in Europe and national football. But in the French football associations entire history, there hasn’t been a club as successful as Marseille only Lyon, PSG and AS Etienne come near. Here are some facts about it.

  • It was founded in 1892 by Rene Dufaure but it was officially known as Olympique De Marseille only in 1899.
  • They have won 8 league titles and 10 Coup De France.
  • Their greatest achievement is winning the Champions League in 1993.
  • But they have been a shadow of their former self. For a decade they haven’t won anything. Their best season in a long while was 08/09 where they finished 2nd place over rivals Lyon and also qualified for the Champions League.
  • They won their first professional title in 1937 in their current stadium Le Velodrome..
  • In the 80s to the early 90s they had one of the best squads in Europe, they had players like Jean Pierre Papin, Didier Deschamp, Rudi Voller, Eric Cantona.
  • In 1999, they added the gold color in their jerseys for their 100th anniversary and still have it to this day.
  • They have been in two in UEFA Cup Finals, they are the only French team to win the Champions League.
  • The Club’s motto is Droit Au But, which translates into Right To Score/ Goal.
  • Roger Scotti holds the record for the most appearances, 402.
  • Most g0als are held by the Swed, Gunnar Andersson, 187 goals.
  • Jean Pierre Papin has only 3 goals less than Gunnar.
  • Their home game song is Jump by Van Halen, it’s played before every home game.
  • Their goal song is Puff Dady’s Come With Me.
  • They have many other amazing records like, allowing the least goals in a season, which was 21 in the season of 91/92.
  • They also hold the record for most away wins with OL and AS Etienne, which is 12, in 72/73.
  • They also have the best top scorer in ligue 1 ever, who had 44 goals in one season, in the season of 71/72.
  • In their stadium, The Velodrome, they have 3 sections, 1 for casual fans, 1 for ultras and 1 for the relations with other clubs, the sections called AEK-Livorno.
  • Their main rivals are PSG, who are in the biggest city of France, Paris and Marseille being the other big city club. PSG and Marseille would duke it would before Lyon took the dominance in the France. They are pretty close to each other. PSG has a stadium capacity of 40k in their Parc Des Princes. Marseille have the biggest stadium in France, with a capacity of 60k, The Velodrome. Whenever these two meet about 3000 cops are to present in the grounds around the arena.

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