Fun Facts About Norway

Norway, the land of the Vikings. In Norway only 1 out of every 12 rapists are sent to jail! Rape is actually almost legal! Norwegians don’t seem to like Jews. They had an anti-Jew paragraph in its constitution. Norway was once a floating arsenal of virgins created by the Nazis to spite Churchill. It was later crushed into Northern Europe where it remains today. Norway has the worlds largest population of black metal fans and most are homosexual! There is a city in Norway called Lillehammer who got electricity and applesauce only when the winter Olympics were held there. It is so hard to find Norway that it can’t be seen on radar. It is very expensive to live in Norway.

In the city of Tromso, 95% of the buildings are built from fish bones! There are so many trees in Norway that they outmatch people 1,000,000 to 1! Norwegians seem to be loosing fingers. The average Norwegian only has 8 fingers which could have something to do with the heavy metal appeal! Norway is the first city to outlaw the numbers 7,8 and 9. It is due to the solidarity to the large logging industry. People must get bored in this country. They have no internet! Unfortunately, in Oslo about 20% of the people are drug-addicted, homeless beggars. In fact, this kind of behavior is actually legal there because the police aren’t allowed to stop criminals. Law enforcement is disliked and considered rude.

Racism has become a sport in Norway. Brumunddal city is called “Norway’s racism-capital.” They have won the Golden Nigga trophy for many years. As far as income tax in Norway it is 50%, a pint of beer costs 15 dollars and a pack of smokes costs 20 dollars. There’s a 25% VAT on all products in addition to other taxes. In fact, most people can’t even afford meat and vegetables. They survive on bread, cheese. Food is so expensive that it makes 9000 an heros, the government does this for massive lulz. If you smoke it is illegal in Norway! You can purchase tobacco and many do and then have no money left. The popular film “Life of Brian” was banned in Norway! They considered the film to be blasphemous and it didn’t come out there until 1980. However, they marketed it with the tag line “The film that is so funny that it was banned in Norway!”

18 thoughts on “Fun Facts About Norway”

  1. This is a load of bull. At most of this, I had a good laugh, but only at the publisher’s stupidity. I mean really,did they honestly think people would believe this crap?

  2. as a matter of fact norwegians are way too proud of themselves, so they might be starting to comment this post stating its content is not true. when most of it actually is! :)
    i know, i was there for long enough :)

  3. does anyone know a good website on Norways weird/funy/…..anything facts? im doing a report on it for a svchool paper and i need some more info. on it!

  4. this is the biggest load of bull ever. The only true fact is that life of brian was banned for blasphemie, but u couldt even finish it, u just had to say that it was labered with that stupud ”to funny for norway” comment. fcking american

  5. Norwegians must be one of the proudest nations ever. I do think this ‘article’ supposed to be funny rather than 100% true. Actually, a lot of the facts are in fact true (to a certain degree), just very overblown. C’mon guys, don’t take yourselves so seriously!

  6. this is so stupid, and so not true!
    firstly, they do have internet because i talk to this guy who lives in norway!
    secondly i dont think there as boring as you make them out to be.
    norway is a really nice place & i want to live there

  7. HAHA. Most aint true butt hell funny annyway. Hmm errr….. Black metal fans aint gay u bastard aaaaaaaah raaaaaaaaaaaaaaage… lolz

  8. This is so not true! I live in Norway, and guess what ? I have 10 fingers AND internet. All this is bullshit, 20% of Oslo is NOT drug adict. Dammit, lot of crap :p

  9. I just can’t see why some Norwegians get offended over this. I’m norwegian, and I actually think this is hillarious.

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