Fun Facts about Nike

Did you know that the creator of the Nike Swoosh was only paid $35 dollars for the design! The CEO of Nike is the sixth richest man in America. He is worth 5 billion dollars and profits off sweatshop workers. Nike has never been in the red! Nike is the biggest shoe company in the world because it operates in countries where it is illegal to bargain for better wages and conditions. Nike pays Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Monica Seles a combined total of over 60 million to brand themselves with the swoosh symbol. The original name for Nike was Blue Ribbon Sports. The name Nike comes from the Greek goddess of victory. Ilie Nastase a tennis star was the first athlete to sign with Nike.

The first Nike was the Nike Tailwind followed by the Air Jordan. The Nike Air Sole does not actually have any air in it. Nike actually has many marketing names like Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Nike Air Jordan and more. The company has factories in 45 countries. The first product was bases on Bowermans waffle design where the sole of the shoe was made by the pattern of a waffle iron! Unfortunately, Nike has a history of using inhumane labour practices for their products. Their factories violated the local minimum wage laws and forced overtime. They subjected workers to criminally dangerous and brutal sweatshops! The company supported military dictatorships that crush labour unions. Nike has around $15 billion in revenues.

They are the world’s leading designer and marketer of athletic footwear, accessories etc. They produce around 50,000 product styles a year and sells in 160 countries! The company has 28,000 employees! Nike’s operations contribute to 1.36 million tonnes of CO2 each year! Nike is even trying to target the Native Indian population. They have come out with a shoe that fits most native Indians feet. During research it was found that most Indian have a wider and taller foot than the average shoe accommodates. The Air Native is wider with a larger toe box and thicker sock liner. The Jordan XV11 was the most expensive shoe ever at $200!

The Air Force One was the first shoe to use air technology in 1982. Nike is always striving to be bigger and better. They are currently working on a running shoe that can show you are heart rate, temperature and hydration levels.

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