Fun Facts About Netherland

Everybody seems to love the Dutch these days, especially since they have become such a force in the world cup. Here are a few facts about the small country south of Germany.

It was a Spanish colony till 1579 but then they took their independence.

  • Holland is separated in two provinces, South and North.
  • The main cities are Rotterdam which is South Holland,  The Hague which is also in South Holland and The Capital Amsterdam, which is in North Holland.
  • Holland is a country where people use a lot of different kinds of transportation vehicles . The bicycle being one of them, it is estimated that nearly every inhabitant has one.
  • Holland being a country mostly below sea level is called “Pays Bas” in French, which translates into Low Country.
  • The highest point in the country is called “mountain” it is above 300 meters.
  • Holland has 1000 museums, it  has the highest density of museums in the world.
  • The country side has a lot of windmills which has become somewhat of a symbol.
  • The windmills are not there for scenery purposes but for drainage, if they were not be there The Netherlands would be consistently flooded because of it’s low sea levels.
  • What is the difference between Holland and Netherland? Holland is just a big chunk of the country but not all of it… Netherland is the true name of the kingdom. Holland is about 13% of Netherland.
  • Still lots of the residents wear clogs, an tradition passed down by their ancestors.
  • Holland is well known for it’s gastronomy and variety but the different kinds Cheese are a real attraction too.
  • Most meals of Hollander origin contain potato in some form rather the very popular Cheese.
  • Rhine and Maas are the biggest rivers in Holland.
  • The kingdom contains as many as 300 castles most which are open to public and tourists.